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Mobile Chat
Mobile Chat

We discuss the Bible, personal and world issues. Access mobile chat using your mobile device [Here]. Open 24 hours a day and free to use at no charge. 
 Our focus is to provide a peaceful place for Christian adults to Love others as Christ loved us and teach biblical truth.

Disregarding our rules of etiquette may result in a moderator action!

Concerns about others promoting heresy should be directed as a private message to a moderator (channel operator). Don’t take matters into your own hands. It only compounds the problem. Let the moderator deal with false teachings.

Some will come saying that those who teach eternal security, are false teachers.  You are free to think that, but you are not free to tell others that eternal security is a false teaching or that “Once Saved Always Saved” is false.  Don’t do it in Cornerstone’s Christian chat channel.

Cult teachings such as Joseph Smith’s Mormonism, Jehovah witness, Universalism, SDA’s Sabbath keeping and annihilation, Islam, Atheism,or any other false teaching are not allowed